Connect Power BI into Esensorics

Esensorics stores data into MySQL database. The database connection details are located in Esensorics under Account menu in Company page.

The following is step-by step guide to connect Power BI application with your Esensorics database. This allows you to build reports and analyze data using Power BI and the data is automatically updated via the database connection when new data is available in Esensorics.

Start Power BI desktop application and Click on Get Data, also available on the Power BI menu.
Select Database from the left and MySQL database from database selection.
Click Connect
Click OK
Select Database from left and type in your Esensorics MySQL database name and password.
Click connect
You are presented with Esensorics flat data tables.
Important ones are:

account_flattened - company data such as address, company name, country, etc
qlity_sample_fields_flattened - Sample field data
qlity_surveys_flattened - survey owner, survey description, urlkey, etc data
qlity_user_fields_flattened - user field data 

Click Load

Now Power BI is connected with Esensorics. Before you can start building your reports and dashboards, the data need some conditioning. 

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